The Unnatural Selection of Our Species

by Torill Kornfeldt

The advancement of the new genetic technology has hurtled forward at breakneck speed. When the first genetically modified children, the twins Lulu and Nana, were born in China in 2018, it became clear that humanity was facing possibilities that we had, previously, only been able to imagine.

It has given us the possibility to rebuild the core of humanity, but while it gives hope, it has also forced us to face hard ethical and societal questions. With the pair of genetic scissors known as CRISPR, we could potentially choose the traits of our children and avoid aging and diseases. But with that ability comes a new set of risks.

How are we supposed to handle these new tools that could end up changing our genetic material?

Torill Konfeldt has travelled all over the world to meet the people who are driving the research forward. She has visited fertility clinics in South Korea, oncologists in China who are experimenting on sick patients, and biohackers in the large cities of the US who want to make the new technology available to everyone.

In the Unnatural Selection of Our Species, Kornfeldt examines what the consequences have been of the recent years’ developments and what might still be waiting around the corner.

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