Bricks of Glory - Epic Sports Moments Rendered in Lego

by Stefan Holm

Brought to you by Stefan Holm, an Olympic high jump gold champion, 20 of the most epic international sport moments of all time recreated in Lego – brick by brick into the final detail – thus illustrated in a way never seen before.

In addition to the fantastic constructions, Stefan Holm also tells the story of the legendary events – how they affected both the outside world and himself, as they happened and afterwards. This makes the book a thrill both for Lego fanatics and sport lovers.

In Bricks of Glory, Stefan provides us with unforgettable moments such as:
  • The Lightning Bolt
    (Usain Bolt, Beijing 2008)

  • Hand of God
    (Maradona VS England, Mexico 1986)

  • The Perfect 10
    (Nadia Comaneci, Montreal 1976)

  • The Epic Olympics
    (Dick Fosbury – Bob Beamon – BlackPower, Mexico City 1968)

  • 6.0 from every judge
    (Torvill and Dean, Sarajevo 1984)

  • Not Just the Torch
    (Cathy Freeman, Sydney 2000)

  • Miracle on Ice
    (USA – Sovjet, Lake Placid, 1980)

  • The Rumble in the Jungle
    (Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa 1974)

  • The shot
    (Michael Jordan, Cleveland, 1989)

And of course, many, many more, with the possibility of having one custom made, country relevant, moment for each edition.

The many meticulous creations, all of which were built in Stefan’s Lego room in his home, are documented by photographer Mikael Solebris.
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