The Secret Chef

by Mats-Eric Nilsson

260 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!

A new cookbook is released everyday. Each one of them is filled with beautiful pictures of sensual lemons, wonderful olive oils and the latest diet method. But what happens to the food before it arrives to our kitchens?

Everyday, we unaware consume huge amounts of additives and substitutes, deceived by the commercial’s claim on “home made” and “healthy” food.

The most important for the authorities is that the food isn’t deadly harmful to the consumer. After that, it is completely free to sell ice cream that it is not ice cream and cider that it is not cider.

Mats-Eric Nilsson’s well documented revelations in The Secret Chef don’t only focus on fast food; everything from natural orange juice, freshly in-store baked bread to truffle oil and balsamic vinegar, an ordinary vinegar that has been sweetened and colored with caramel. The genuine stuff is so expensive that it has to be consumed in small drops.

Among other things, the dedicated author tells us about the modern history of processed food and the well planned advertising campaigns that succeeded in making people forget how real food tastes and gets cooked.

The book also contains a reference part with a list of 66 ingredients. How does the fiddling with them looks like and where can we find the genuine alternative?

There’s also a map featuring farmer’s shops and a season’s calendar to all fresh fruits, berries and vegetables that shows you when to eat what.

In the end there’s also a practical guide to all the confusing 316 E-numbers. How are these chemicals produced and can they be dangerous to our health? And how do they manipulate our taste buds?

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    Den hemlige kocken
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    Investigative Journalism
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    Chapter Summary, Reviews
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