The Universal Translator

by Yens Wahlgren

Everything you need to know about 139 languages that don't really exist.

This is a book about languages that aren't real. Languages from countries that do not exist, alien languages, languages of mythological creatures and languages spoken in an imagined future or parallel universe. But they are also languages that are, to the highest degree, living on Earth thanks to their enthusiastic fans.

Klingon, Valyrian, Syldavian, Na’vi, Lilliputian, Orcish – these are a few of the 101 fictional languages that this book is about. Even though the subject is language, this is not a grammar book or a lexicon but rather an exploration through time and space, through worlds and universes arisen from the imagination, through pop culture and linguistic nerdship.

Follow on a journey through the universes of Tolkien, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Tarzan and Tintin; dive into the dystopian dialects of Burgess and Orwell – a travel in time from Nun Hildegard of Bingen in the 1100's, past Swift and Rabelais to Pingu and La Linea.

Wahlgren has written a wonderful book: a just as scientific as legible introduction to the invented languages’ fantastic world (...) A tribute to the collective creativity. When you have read it you just want more!

Fredrik Kylberg
Östgöta Corren

  • Original Title |
    Liftarens parlör till galaxen
  • Pages |
  • Publishing Year |
    2015 – Updated 2018
  • Genres |
    Popular Science
  • Available Material |
    English Sample, Chapter Summary
  • Rights Sold |
    CZE | UK (EWR)
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