Health Revolution – The Five-Step Anti-Inflammatory Plan That Will Change Your Life

by Maria Borelius

Maria Borelius was 52 when she started feeling tired, old and dispirited. She suffered from severe back pains, premenopausal problems and a general feeling of decline and melancholia. That was the start of a four-year journey where she slowly began to unravel a new anti-inflammatory lifestyle which came to transform her life. The pain disappeared, the depression lifted and she began to feel her best for many years.

She began to travel around the world – to California, Toronto, Kerala, Lund, London, Addis Abeba, Copenhagen and Stockholm – to meet researchers, fitness professionals and gurus at this fascinating forefront of science and she soon began to put together a totally new picture of how low degree inflammation affects our health, lurking behind both ageing and our most common widespread afflictions – obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and poor mental health.

With help from the most recent emerging science on anti-inflammatory processes and simple, everyday tools, the author shows readers the way to a better and stronger version of ourselves.

Health Revolution is a page-turning tale of a woman’s journey on two levels - a personal journey towards a better life and a knowledge journey to discover new truths about lifestyle and deep health – the book is as enthralling as it is useful, with several aha-moments and simple cures, recipes and tips on how to start your new brighter life. This is Eat Pray Love in a health version.

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    Hälsorevolutionen - vägen till en anti-inflammatorisk livsstil
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    Popular Science
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