The Hated Ones – On the Victims of Radical Right-Wing in Europe

by Magnus Linton

This is an appalling recent report in which the targets of extremism themselves were given the chance to speak. Magnus Linton makes a triangle trip in an Europe without steerage, where an economic crisis is sliding further and further into a political one – with incalculable consequences.

How has life changed for the minorities and "cultural Marxists" who live in countries where anti-immigrant parties now sets the tone? Since the massacre at Utøya the hate against the multicultural society has reached a new level.

In this book about terrorist attacks on the defenders of diversity Magnus Linton signs a frightening portrait of a troubled continent, three countries shaken: Norway, Hungary and the Netherlands.

What were the ideas and changes that geared Breivik to the psychosis stripe?

How is the Romany people surviving in the new nationalistic Hungary?

What do veiled women have to say – many of them already on the run – about the islamofobes’ new grip on the Netherlands?

If, as Angela Merkel argues, "the multicultural society has failed" – what does the alternative look like? Is Europe going there?

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    De hatade
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    Investigative Journalism
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