The Big Book about ROLEX

by Jens Høy & Christian Frost

The fascination of ROLEX is difficult to explain. Most of us will have the interest for years, before we finally decide to buy our first expensive watch, and often it will coincide with an important event in our lives.

The book is the perfect introduction for anyone with an interest in ROLEX. It will take you through all the current and vintage models such as Submariner, GMT-Master, Datejust and Daytona, revealing their distinctive features and history, including the special editions.

There is an entire chapter on how to avoid the many fake watches on the market. In a unique guide the book provides you with the knowledge to spot even the best fakes, known as ‘Frankenstein’s’ by the experts.

We also take at look at why a ROLEX is an excellent investment right now, and how to select the best of both new and vintage models.

The Big Book about ROLEX is a fascinating journey through the history of and the passion for the mechanical watch, and last but not least, it provides any person with a bulletproof argument, as to why they should be allowed the joy of owning a ROLEX.

  • Original Title |
    Den store bog om Rolex
  • Pages |
  • Publishing Year |
  • Genres |
    White Label
  • Available Material |
    English Manuscript
  • Rights Sold |
    HOL | UK (EWR)
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