The Baby Sleep Project – A Bringing up Bébé for Sleepless Parents

by Laura Andersson

The updated version of the stereotypical mother hasn’t made the family life of modern women any easier. These days, you are supposed to bring up well-balanced and well-behaved children, fed on nothing but organic food in a harmonious and beautifully decorated home, run marathons, travel to distant parts of the globe and actively maintain an up-to-date blog telling everyone about it. Time is lamentably tight. Perhaps this is why sleeping is no more than a footnote in the lives of many modern people.

When expecting her second child Laura decided that this baby would simply have to become a better sleeper than the first one. She interviewed moms and dads from dozen countries, from Australia to Argentina and from France to the US to find out what sort of tips they have for better sleep. What she learned while writing and talking to parents is that the situation is pretty similar in surprisingly many countries – not much information is given to parents and they are at a loss with what to do.

In The Baby Sleep Project one family's project is summed in a practical list of tips that will help any family to survive the baby year without bags under the eyes. Backing up her experiences with research and facts, Andersson gives a detailed and fresh view of what experts and families know about baby sleep. By listening to parents from different countries she realized that families with well sleeping babies follow surprisingly similar methods throughout the world. These being both gentle and efficient.

She describes how you can teach your baby to sleep better, and finally through the night, without traumatizing moments or excessive tears. And how it can happen earlier than many parents nowadays believe. The book is written in a conversational tone and the audience falls into the category of modern, urban parents with not that much previous experience of baby care.

  • Original Title |
    Voit Nukkua
  • Pages |
    233 (10 illustrations – optional)
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    English Sample, Chapter Summary
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