• Tapio Tamminen

    Dr. Tapio Tamminen is a cultural anthropologist, researcher, editor, and writer. He has written several works about development issues, India, and around a hundred feature programmes for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

    Some of his previous books include An Unarmed Soldier of Islam - Ghaffar Khan and the Rise of the Taliban and The Darker Side of the People’s Home, which won the most prestigious Finnish literary award, the Finlandia award for best non-fiction 2015.

    Tamminen lives in an old country house in Kirkkonummi, where he has practised organic farming for years as a hobby.

  • Himmler and His Finnish Buddha

    Himmler and his Finnish Buddha depicts the intriguing relationship between two peculiar men, Heinrich Himmler and Felix Kersten - and the significance this relationship had in the fates of numerous women from the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

    During the entire war, Himmler was dependent on Kersten’s treatments. Himmler’s masseur, known as his ”Magical Buddha”, was often able to influence the decisions of the Nazi leader.

    When the German defeat seemed inevitable, Himmler traded desperately with the lives of concentration camp prisoners to save his own skin.

    Who was the enigmatic Felix Kersten? A phenomenal healer or a hoax? Did he really rescue 60,000 Jewish concentration camp prisoners?

    This vividly written book elucidates Felix Kersten’s complex life and his exceptional relationship with the Nazi leader.

    The book is based on archival sources in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

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      Himmler ja hänen suomalainen buddhansa
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      English Sample, Chapter Summary
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