• Petri Leppänen & Lari Salomaa

    petri leppänen, born 1975 in Iisalmi, Finland, is a non-fiction author and has written three previous books.

    The subjects of his books are always linked to his passions, like subculture movements, yoga and most recently coffee as a way of helping change the world.

    He has also released ten albums with different rock bands (he plays as a guitarist), has performed hundreds of shows and has worked in almost every position in the book publishing industry. At the moment he earns his monthly paycheck as a publishing manager. 

    lari salomaa, born 1977, is a coffee professional. He was born in Finland but spent most of his childhood in Stockholm, Sweden, where the family moved for work and studies.
    Later on Lari studied media in Turku, Finland, but hasn’t worked a single day in the field. But he met Petri there, they eventually became room mates and started a band together.

    He founded his first company within the coffee business at the age of 23 and has been in the industry ever since.

    He has written a large number of coffee-related articles, judged coffee competitions and given speeches and interviews on the subject.

    To Lari, coffee is not just work, it’s a way of life, a passion. Telling the story of a family that is trying to improve the world through coffee is for him a way to give back. A way of leaving a legacy.

  • Coffee Matters – A Revolution Is on the Way

    Be aware of what you consume.

    With this thought in mind, two coffee enthusiasts from Finland – the world’s biggest coffee consumer per capita –travel to the jungles of Brazil.

    Their goal is to go all the way to the heart of the world’s largest coffee producing country to find out if we can continue to drink coffee the way we do, also in the future.

    On their trip to Brazil the authors discover a family-run coffee farm, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, that is a perfect example of a long-term relationship between mankind and nature.

    The Croces put their hearts and souls into constantly developing the quality of their coffee in a sustainable way. Their goal is to be able to supply consumers with a preferable alternative for a morning cup of coffee and while at it help saving the environment.

    This is a book that tackles, discusses and argues for nature, the environment, and the future of the Earth.

    This is a story about the coffee’s past, present and future.

    With its critical look at companies, foundations, certification procedures, labels and branding, the book is a perfect example of a new generation of non-fiction writing, known internationally as “brainy” books.

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