• Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

    pasi ilmari jääskeläinen is Finland's best kept literary secret...

    In the early 70’s, when he was five, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen lived in a block of flats by the Jyväskylä’s (a city in Central Finland) old cemetery and believed in vampires.

    In the early 80's he still had vampire dreams and fell in love with Jeanne Moreau in Truffaut’s Jules et Jim.

    Ten years later Pasi wrote his first short stories. He won the writing competition of SciFi and fantasy stories four times and then decided to become a writer. 

    Now he is an author, but he is also a Finnish and literature teacher in upper secondary school and the father of three sons. He hasn’t stopped loving vampires, Jeanne Moreau and old film classics.


    Where the Trains turn (Missä junat kääntyvät) - Short stories, Portti-kirjat 2000

    The Rabbit Back Literature Society (Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta) - Novel, Atena 2006

    The Zoo That Fell From the Sky (Taivaalta pudonnut eläintarha) -  Short stories, reedition, Atena 2008

    Secret Passages in a Hillside Town (Harjukaupungin salakäytävät) - Atena 2010

  • Secret Passages in a Hillside Town

    Paul Auster meets David Lynch… If you prefer quick descriptions.

    Olli Suominen is a children’s book publisher, a member of the local church council, a husband and a father. In every way a respectable, honest and decent guy, a trusted member of society.

    Behind this irreproachable facade, Olli is bored, moving through life in stupor day after day. His relationship with his wife, Aino, a school teacher, has faded to routine and his little son, Lauri, feels like a stranger to him.

    The change comes when Olli contacts his long-lost childhood sweetheart, Kerttu, on Facebook. Kerttu has become a famous writer and her next book, The Magical City Guide, is due to be published by Olli’s publishing house.

    Little by little Olli slips out of his numbing workaday life into a free fall. Dramatic, suppressed childhood memories resurface. Dreaming and wakefulness intermingle. A feeling of bleakness is replaced by powerful passions.

    In Secret Passages in a Hillside Town Jääskeläinen has conjured up a magnetic, ambience-filled experience. The novel’s emotional range extends from melancholy to melodrama and horror; there is also a touch of a Famous Five feeling thrown in – however these Famous Five are not like the ones we’re used to know...

    Jääskeläinen has a talent for knocking everyday life out of joint, elevating it to a magical yet credible level.

    There is a catch... Two identical-looking versions of Secret Passages in a Hillside Town have been published, each with a different ending. So you can’t know beforehand which one you’re getting. After you’re done, you can read the alternate ending online.

    Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen has described Secret Passages in a Hillside Town as a tribute to films that are larger than life. Movie buffs will find frequent references to the world of cinema.

    • Original Title |
      Harjukaupungin Salakäytävät
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      English Manuscript, Reviews
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      UK | CZE | GAL
  • The Rabbit Back Literature Society

    The Rabbit Back Literature Society is an exciting multi-layered mystery novel in the same spirits of Mikhail BulgakovPeter Høeg and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    Laura Lumikko’s name is known to everyone. She is a beloved writer who has written those Creatureville books that we all read as children.

    Three decades ago the author Laura Lumikko promised to find ten talented children among the children of her hometown and train them to be writers. She only found nine.

    These successful writers comprise a society with rules of its own and a place in the canon of the Finnish literature. Now, after years of waiting, the tenth member finally joins The Society, and The Game, one of the Society’s best kept secrets, begins again.

    However, at her winter-time party something happens that startles people: it seems that no one has really known Laura Lumikko. The authors will be confronted by the past they’ve already buried once – literally...

    Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen is Finnish and has written three novels – The Rabbit Back Literature Society, The Cinematic Life – a novel and Souls wander in the Rain.

    The Rabbit Back Literature Society is an intriguing debut that has startled a whole lot of readers – as a result, film rights have been sold to a Finnish film producer. There will be a motion picture and a TV series of 6 episodes based on the book, the script being currently written by the acclaimed author, previously awarded with the prestigious Finlandia Award, Johanna Sinisalo.

    Everyone reading Paul Auster will definitely enjoy this author, bringing a touch of Nordic noir into a genre that it’s becoming more and more popular, the crossover one.

    • Original Title |
      Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta
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      English Manuscript
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      UK | USA | GER | ITA | SPA | CZE | LIT | FRA | TUR | SER | GAL | HOL | KOR | DEN
  • The Day of the Mutant Cat

    The city of Marrasvirta is celebrating its annual autumn festival, and the streets, alleys, and parks are bustling with people. It’s midst that excitement that Kaarna, a man in his forties and head city planner of the city, receives a call from his mother’s nursing home about her fading health; a call which sets off a series of events that will disassemble Kaarna’s carefully constructed life…

    Following in his mother’s footsteps, Kaarna must unravel the many mysteries that surrounds her life and, somehow, tie into his own. What is really true, and where do the alternative truths lie?

    And what is happening with all the cats? Why are they so strange? One thing is certain, however, if you value your life, you mustn’t look at them. Who knows what you might see if you do?

    The Day of the Mutant Cat is an exciting multi-layered novel that shakes the reader and forces us to reflect about who we really are, and how much of the memories of our pasts we can actually trust.

    • Original Title |
      Väärän kissan päivä
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    • Available Material |
      English Sample (soon available), Synopsis
    • Rights Sold |
      CZE | SPA | GAL
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