Our Nightly Lives - Why We Dream and Why It’s Important

by Anna Tommola

At night we see and experience things that aren’t real, yet we still believe in them. Dreams consist of delusions, hallucinations, and to some extent, memory loss. But where do these features come from?

Our Nightly Lives - Why We Dream and Why It’s Important explores the world of dreams through an absorbing combination of the latest scientific research with individual experiences. Readers are taken on a journey from the psychology of dreams to the reasons behind false awakenings, learn how to defeat our recurring nightmares, and practice on controlling our dreams.

Is there any good in nightmares after all? What happens in the brain when we dream? Why should we not look for universal symbolism in dreams? Is there an anatomy of the dream? Why do we even dream in the first place?

Our Nightly Lives shows us that dreams are, in fact, an engaging extension of our daily reality, one that helps us understand how our mind works even when we are awake.

Very well written and comprehensive book on the mystery of dreaming.

Apu Magazine

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    Yöllinen elämämme - Miksi näemme unia?
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