Endless Parasites

by Tuomas Aivelo

Parasites are the force of evolution with which you are not playing.

The story of people and parasites is a story of coexistence. We have always shared our body with other organisms and have adapted, as a species, not only to our parasites, but also to harmless and beneficial bacteria.

Changes in our living environment, whether social or environmental, have always affected how humans and their parasites live together. While advances in medicine have relieved us from some of the nuisances, significant global change can reverse this progress.

Will climate change bring more or less annoying parasites to our part of the world? Will infectious diseases become more aggressive and antibiotics weaker?

Endless Parasites takes the reader on a journey into the human body and biodiversity, looking at the world from the perspective of viruses, bacteria and intestinal worms - a different kind of reality.

This book shows, both vividly and concretely, how new knowledge is created. Aivelo describes field work and methods through his own research projects and links them skillfully to a broader scientific discussion.

It also discusses topical issues while liasing a scientific approach to historical events in an interesting way. With his enthusiasm and love for the topic, Aivelo makes parasites almost feel like sympathetic creatures by making their roles and importance easy to understand.


Shortlisted for the Finlandia Award Best Finnish Non-Fiction Book 2018, with the motivation

"Every page of this book, written about a surprising and even unexpected subject, oozes with the author's enthusiasm and love to his topic. The book has been done diligently from beginning to end, and it explores the diversity and importance of parasites and nature in a special way. After reading this book, you observe the world and its bustling life with new eyes."


Honorary mention for the Finnish Science Book of the Year award 2018

Honorary mention for the Lauri Jäntti Prize 2018

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    Loputtomat loiset
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    Popular Science
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    English Sample, Chapter Summary
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