• Mika Rissanen & Juha Tahvanainen

    mika rissanen and juha tahvanainen are two Finnish born history researchers.

    They have previously published Sports in Antiquity – awarded with the biggest non-fiction award in Finland, The Tieto Finlandia and also won the Sports Book of the Year award – and The History of Destruction.
  • The History of Europe in 24 Pints

    History has been made, in Europe at least, with the help of a pint or two. The book presents various incidents where beer – drinking of beer, shortage of beer or the beer culture overall – has affected the course of History.

    The purpose of the book is to depict the long tradition and wide-spread contexts of drinking beer in European history in a fresh way. It is – and has been – an essential part of the European culinary, a source of inspiration and even a builder of international friendship. Each of the 24 chapters concentrate in some historical incident or phenomenon related to beer. In the end of each chapter there is a presentation of the beer related to the topic.

    Examples of chapter topics and related beers:

    • Hitler as an agitator in Munich’s beerhouses in the early 1920’s (Löwenbrau, lager)
    • Beer as salvation of Gustaf II’s thirsty Swedish soldiers in 1631 (Ur-Krostitzer, pils)

    • Jakobsens of Carlsberg as art supporters,”Medicis of Copenhagen” (Carlsberg, lager)

    • Extra strong bock for Nansen’s polar exploration (Ringnes Bockol, bock)

    • Václav Havel – from a brewery to the presidency (Trutnov rakonos, pils)

    • Literature in British pubs: Tolkien, Lewis and the Inklings (ale)

    • Christmas beer during the truce in western front, 1914

    • Pieter Bruegel and other ”beer painters” of Flanders (Bruegel Amber ale)

    • RAF pilots carrying beer during the WW2 (Spitfire, ale)

    • Louis Pasteur’s inventions at Whitbread Brewery (Whitbread Pale Ale)

    • Polish Beer Lover’s Party into parliament in 1991

    • First German railway (Nuremberg to Furth) for delivering beer and newspapers (Lederer, pils)

    • Irish economy collapsed, as the PM Cowen spent too much time in pubs (Guinness, stout)

    • Beer in Tour de France in early 1900’s

    • Sarajevo brewery being the only water source of the sieged city in 1990’s (Sarajevsko, lager)

    • Breweries as sponsors of football (Heineken, lager)
    • Original Title |
      Kuohuvaa historiaa
    • Pages |
      246 (24 B & W pics)
    • Publishing Year |
    • Available Material |
      English Manuscript, Reviews
    • Rights Sold |
      GER | RUS | KOR | POL | BRA | CHI | ITA
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