• Mats-Eric Nilsson

    Mats-Eric Nilsson is a journalist that after 30 years working in the daily press, many of which as editor-in-chief for Sweden’s biggest newspaper, redirected his career and got a breakthrough as a writer.

    His books The Secret Chef and Genuine Produce have together sold 400 000 copies. The books have focused on the food industry and the many food additives that our food is stuffed with nowadays – food cheating is how he calls it.

    The debate these books have provoked has changed both the consumers and the producers’ awareness’s and attitudes towards the food we’re eating every day.

    Together with author Henrik Ennart, Mats-Eric Nilsson has written Death in the Pot, on our fear for genuine food.

    In October 2009 he was awarded the National Encyclopedia Knowledge Award for his leading work in spreading knowledge about the food industry.

    In December 2010 we has elected by the prestigious British magazine Monocle as one of the 20 highlighted personalities for 2011 with the motivation:

    When Nilsson wanted to publish his book Den Hemlige Kocken (The Secret Chef) he had trouble finding a publisher. No one thought a book on the manufacturing methods of food would be interesting. However, the book has sold 260,000 copies.

    Nilsson has opened Sweden's eyes. Consumers were outraged when he revealed that some "home-made" frozen dishes contained up to 67 ingredients, including many artificial additives; since then, manufacturers have launched new, natural versions. "My aim is to influence the quality of food," he says.

    Monocle's comment - Nilsson's success proves that people care about what they eat - and that food companies will change if pushed.

  • The Secret Chef

    260 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!

    A new cookbook is released everyday. Each one of them is filled with beautiful pictures of sensual lemons, wonderful olive oils and the latest diet method. But what happens to the food before it arrives to our kitchens?

    Everyday, we unaware consume huge amounts of additives and substitutes, deceived by the commercial’s claim on “home made” and “healthy” food.

    The most important for the authorities is that the food isn’t deadly harmful to the consumer. After that, it is completely free to sell ice cream that it is not ice cream and cider that it is not cider.

    Mats-Eric Nilsson’s well documented revelations in The Secret Chef don’t only focus on fast food; everything from natural orange juice, freshly in-store baked bread to truffle oil and balsamic vinegar, an ordinary vinegar that has been sweetened and colored with caramel. The genuine stuff is so expensive that it has to be consumed in small drops.

    Among other things, the dedicated author tells us about the modern history of processed food and the well planned advertising campaigns that succeeded in making people forget how real food tastes and gets cooked.

    The book also contains a reference part with a list of 66 ingredients. How does the fiddling with them looks like and where can we find the genuine alternative?

    There’s also a map featuring farmer’s shops and a season’s calendar to all fresh fruits, berries and vegetables that shows you when to eat what.

    In the end there’s also a practical guide to all the confusing 316 E-numbers. How are these chemicals produced and can they be dangerous to our health? And how do they manipulate our taste buds?

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      Den hemlige kocken
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  • Death in the Pot – On Our Fear for Genuine Food

    This is a book about what happened to the food as we used to know it. Nowadays’ food is not only a shadow of what it used to be, it is dangerous as well.

    The industrial development has led to an industrialization of the food we buy and the meals we’re served in public places – presently it is almost impossible to find any meals which are prepared with genuine food products; the core of the ingredients consist in highly processed food and an incredible amount of E-numbers.

    The official food authorities seem to welcome this development and the absurdity of many of their rules and sanitary regulations lead, among other things, to our children being kept away from entering the kitchen in their own schools (when it exists one) and to old people that lives in retirement homes eating tasteless meals from a plastic “micro-warmable” box instead of eating meals made of genuine food.

    Hospital meals, school meals – even most restaurant meals – are no longer prepared in local kitchens. Now they travel hundreds of miles and they’re warmed in these kitchens instead. Why? When has this happened?

    Based on thorough research the authors reveal how many of today’s epidemic diseases and bacteria can be tracked to the many farms and factories that in a considerable number of cases are supported by EU funds.

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      Döden i grytan – om vår rädsla för riktig mat
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