• Marie Fredriksson & Helena von Zweigbergk

    marie fredriksson is one of the biggest pop stars of our time – Roxette's amazing voice, who is very much beloved by millions of fans all over the world.

    Roxette performed a grand 557 shows in front of millions and millions of cheering people. 75 million albums sold, 51 singles released, four US Billboard number ones and countless top hits on worldwide charts make Roxette one of the most successful bands in the history of pop and rock.

    During all these years she has always maintained a solo career as well.

    In 2002 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which she survived. Now she's back – stronger than ever.

    helena von zweigbergk is one of Sweden's most talented and respected authors. She's also a journalist and has been a regular presenter of Spanarna (‘The Scouts’), a Swedish radio series on contemporary culture and trends, since 1988.

    Some of her selected previous novels are Ur vulkanens mun (‘Out of the Mouth of the Volcano’, 2008), Sånt man bara säger (‘Things You Just Say’, 2009), Anna och Mats bor inte här längre (‘Anna and Mats Don’t Live Here Any More’, 2012).

    Her latest novel Än klappar hjärtan (‘The Heart Beats On’, 2013) will be published internationally by Amazon in all languages.

  • Listen to My Heart – The Untold Story of Marie Fredriksson

    A stunning autobiography from one of the biggest pop stars of our time – Roxette's amazing voice, Marie Fredriksson (who is very much beloved by millions of fans all over the world).

    The book is a completely "naked" insight into the incredible life story of Marie: from a very, very poor upbringing in a small Swedish town to the world's most iconic stages all over it, through a horrific experience after being diagnosed with brain cancer from which very few people believed she would survive – but she believed and she did make it!

    After a very painful and long recovery process, which implicated re-learning to walk and talk she got back at the stage with Roxette on their 30-year jubilee tour filling up arenas all over the world.

    The number of fans expressing their wish to have Marie's book translated into their language is huge as Roxette’s popularity is still out-of-this-world – so much that Marie herself has expressed how deeply she would like to see the book available in other languages because she knows how much it would mean for the fans after their unconditional support during all these difficult years.

    Listen to My Heart – The Untold Story of Marie Fredriksson is co-written by one of Sweden's most talented and respected authors, Helena von Zweigbergk, and in the book we get to read stories and testimonials from a very close spot: everyone from her Roxette-colleague Per Gessle, to her husband, her manager, band members and producers. We really get to know how it is backstage in world-known arenas.

    But there's so much more here than just the glitter and glamour of Roxette's world tours and fan hysteria – it's also a book about an unlikely social class trip and a personal one – from a condition of extreme illness and disability, almost losing it all, being exposed to multiple operations and treatments, one of them leading to a radiation injury that still today shows its marks, to fighting back to where she is now. Of course she's no longer the Marie that jumped and rocked and danced on the stage like she used to BUT...

    She's older now, too, how do you experience getting older being a world-known pop star and a normal woman at the same time? All this and much more is shared by her and her closest ones in this amazing book, which is also a testimony of strength and hope!

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