• Katrine Marçal

    katrine marçal is a Swedish writer living in London. She's presently the UK correspondent for Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's most prestigious daily newspaper.

    Her book, Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner? (Swedish title ”Det enda könet”) was shortlisted for the August Prize in 2012. Her writing has appeared in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German and British publications. The book is now sold to 19 languages.

    In 2013 she was awarded 'Lagercrantzen', a prestigous award sponsored by Dagens Nyheter, for writing in ”a bold and personal style that entices and challenges the reader with the audacity and intimacy of her intellectual landscape.”

    Katrine was discovered by a Swedish editor through a blog she wrote while studying at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She started writing for Swedish national newspapers at the age of 22 and published her first book, Rape and Romance, when she was 25.

    After working for the centre-left think tank Arenagruppen she joined Aftonbladet in 2009. Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner? is her second book and has been described as a ”feminist Freakonomics”.

    Katrine has been invited to speak about economics and politics in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

    She lives in North London with her husband and son.

  • Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? A Story About Women and Economics

    How do you get your dinner? That is the basic question of economics. It might seem easy, but it is actually very complicated.

    When Adam Smith proclaimed that all our actions were motivated by self-interest and the world turned because of financial gain he laid the foundations for 'economic man'. Selfish and cynical, 'economic man' has dominated our thinking ever since, the ugly rational heart of modern day capitalism.

    But every night Adam Smith's mother served him his dinner, not out of self-interest, but out of love. Even today, the unpaid work of mothering, caring, cleaning and cooking is not part of our economic models. All over the world, there are economists who believe that if women are paid less, then that's because their labour is worth less.

    In this engaging, popular look at the mess we're in, Katrine Marçal charts the myth of 'economic man', from its origins at Adam Smith's dinner table to its adaptation by the Chicago School and finally its disastrous role in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis - she looks at how women are left out of the study of economics and human behaviour, and how this affects human understanding of world economy.

    Katrine Marçal is a Swedish writer living in London. She's presently the UK correspondent for Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's most prestigious daily newspaper.

    This is economics through a wholly different – and feminist – prism ... Challenging and illuminating.

    Will Hutton

    Nominated to Sweden’s most important literary prize, The August Literary Award, in the category of Best Swedish Non Fiction book 2012

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