• Henrik Ennart

    henrik ennart has established himself over the last 25 years as one of the leading journalists within the food and health themes.

    In the latest years he has written several acclaimed reports on the food industry – the health damaging trans fat, the animal abuse, the food’s influence on the climate change and the many problems of the “public” food are some of the themes he’s specialized about.
  • The Mystery of Ageing

    Science has long ago seen a limit to how long a person can live – around 120 years. But now research is starting to catch up on our fantasies.

    In The mystery of Ageing author Henrik Ennart meets the world's leading researchers specializing in ageing. They all come to the same conclusion: We, and especially our children, will live far longer than is common today.

    Why is it so? Improved standards of living play their part but also our lifestyle. The advice from the experts differs quite a lot: eat fewer calories, stand up when you are working, eat more fat or cut down on meat and sugar. These choices affect the ageing process of our cells and when the researchers finally find the genes that control life length and learn how to control them, the question is at last: How old do we want to become?

    With exciting reports from the so-called Blue Zones, from Okinawa to Sardinia not forgetting the Caucasus, this is a real page-turner within popular science.

    The many accounts about the world’s oldest people, dead and alive are startling as well as the thrilling account for mankind’s search for eternal life from an historical perspective.

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  • Death in the Pot – On Our Fear for Genuine Food

    This is a book about what happened to the food as we used to know it. Nowadays’ food is not only a shadow of what it used to be, it is dangerous as well.

    The industrial development has led to an industrialization of the food we buy and the meals we’re served in public places – presently it is almost impossible to find any meals which are prepared with genuine food products; the core of the ingredients consist in highly processed food and an incredible amount of E-numbers.

    The official food authorities seem to welcome this development and the absurdity of many of their rules and sanitary regulations lead, among other things, to our children being kept away from entering the kitchen in their own schools (when it exists one) and to old people that lives in retirement homes eating tasteless meals from a plastic “micro-warmable” box instead of eating meals made of genuine food.

    Hospital meals, school meals – even most restaurant meals – are no longer prepared in local kitchens. Now they travel hundreds of miles and they’re warmed in these kitchens instead. Why? When has this happened?

    Based on thorough research the authors reveal how many of today’s epidemic diseases and bacteria can be tracked to the many farms and factories that in a considerable number of cases are supported by EU funds.

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