• Henriikka Rönkkönen

    Born in Finland 1984, before becoming an author henriikka rönkkönen graduated as a Finnish language and literature teacher. Everything was going well and she had a great future ahead of her, until she decided to write her Master’s Thesis about Finnish pornography written by women – and that’s when we lost her to the dark side…

    After finishing her degree Henriikka decided to dedicate herself to what she was truly meant for: and now she basically sits at home, writing in her solitude about vagina farts, hairy balls and body fluids.

    Although that might sound arousing, Henrikka’s work will leave you feeling awkward, embarrassed of recognition and left in tears – of laughter.

    Henriikka is also an authorised sex counselor. In Finland she’s called “the Leader of the Single People” since her writings give comfort to the ones struggling with loneliness, Tinder and hair in completely wrong places.

    Besides all of this Henrikka loves to climb and putting stickers wherever she can.

  • My Imaginary Boyfriend – And Other Basics About Life as a Single Woman

    WARNING! Contains uncensored observations about sex, men, and particularly women! 

    This book is full of facts and fiction. Some of the stories have happened to me, some of them to my friends, some to my imaginary friends. But the certain thing is that everything has happened.

    My Imaginary Boyfriend initiates its readers into a number of things they’ve always wanted to know about life as a single woman – and then some more they didn’t ask for...

    Henriikka’s path takes her from one fling to the next, one moment feeling heart-broken, the next leading her to a new infatuation. Along the way she meets the Nipple Hair Man, the Sterile Man and the Weenis Man while reflecting on the fundamental questions of the single life: What is a dildo good for? What kind of advice do people in relationships give to singles? Why is it absolutely crucial not to become a stalker?

    This uproariously racy romp shakes the glitter off the single life and argues that all single women should have (at least) one imaginary boyfriend.

    [Quote from the book:]

    Stalking is suicide. Resolve, in advance, that you will only look up your crush’s Facebook page when your relationship is firmly established. Or maybe not even then. Because if you do, you may find out that the consequential doubts and imaginary fears will doom the relationship before it begins. There are no other rules you need to know of. Go ahead, sleep with a guy on your first date, fart during the act, leave the bathroom door open when you go for a pee. But never ever be a stalker. Amen. That’s all.

    Whether you are single or taken, a woman or a man, read this book! My Imaginary Boyfriend by Henriikka Rönkkönen tackles all the topics people normally gloss over.


    The boldest book of the summer! Get ready to shriek with laughter, blush in embarrassment, and, if you’re reading it in a public place, hide it from passers-by as best as you can.


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      Mielikuvituspoikaystävä ja muita sinkkuelämän perusasioita
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