Fantasy Island – A Reportage from the Heart of Brazil

by Henrik Brandão Jönsson

This is a fantastic tour through the heart and soul of Brazil, not only geographically speaking but, above of all, it gives you a very realistic and close picture of real life in Brasilia, which despite its beauty has the same problems as the rest of Brazil, a country which has one of the world's most unequal distributions of wealth and enormous social gaps.

The book is amazingly interesting to the public in general thanks to the way facts are brought to us. The author has managed to tell us the story of the city and to describe the way things work around there in a quite relaxed and entertaining way without ever jeopardizing the accuracy on facts that's expected from a reportage book.

Through the most unexpected encounters the reader is brought to environments of various social character and is given insight in the lives of a well chosen number of personalities whose lives illustrate the various realities of Brasilia:

We get to know the rich family and their housekeeper but we also get to know the housekeeper's family, life and neighborhood in a brutal switch of environments 30 minutes away with the bus.

We get to know the butcher who taught himself to read, became successful in his business and started a project to enhance literacy.

We get to know a judge that has decided to make a contribution in order to diminish corruption and a world-known healer that owns half a city in a province not so far away from Brasília.

We even get to know the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer through an interview directly from his 100th birthday party.

  • Original Title |
    Fantasiön – ett reportage från Brasiliens hjärta
  • Pages |
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  • Genres |
    Investigative Journalism Travel | Adventure
  • Available Material |
    English Manuscript, Reviews
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    CAN | USA
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