The Chinese Story - 33 Myths About China That Need to Be Busted

by Mari Manninen

China is a communist state. 

The air in Beijing is the most polluted in the world.

Chinese people are short. 

The Great Wall is visible from the moon.

Chinese media is completely censored. 

The Chinese do not want to adopt girls – but these are, in fact, common misconceptions about China

In The Chinese Story - 33 Myths About China That Need to Be Busted these myths have been collected, depicted and the truth about them unveiled. Covering every subject from food to history; economy to human rights, it brings China under a new light. 

Our general knowledge about China needs to be updated, especially with its influence growing stronger internationally every day. In the Chinese Story, every busted myth leads us one step closer to a fuller understanding of this multifaceted country. 

The author, Mari Manninen, has a talent for weaving facts together and creating a captivating narrative.

Her book is also solidly researched – she has studied texts, interviewed researchers, common people, and gathered her own personal experiences in order to create a book that is both exciting and informative.

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    Kiinalainen juttu
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