Cocaína – A Book on Those Who Make It

by Magnus Linton

Wikileaks meets Manu Chao. If you appreciate quick descriptions.

But if you're curious and would like to know more about Cocaína, please read the longer version underneath.

Cocaína – A Book on Those Who Make It by author Magnus Linton is a book with a very unusual and overwhelming approach to the cocaine theme.

This is not a book about the ones who use and abuse cocaine; this is a book that, in a naked and straightforward way, reveals the unknown side of cocaine trafficking – from the roots of the cocaine chain up to the top we get to know how the American Government's program War on Drugs hits precisely the ones that are already unprotected and exposed.

Coca growers who are thrown into the business due to personal tragedies, drug traffickers, refugees, hit men, anti-drug police, cocaine processors, politicians, intellectuals, DEA-directors, cocaine tourists, guerrilla fighters, death squads and the many victims of violence, Magnus has met them all.

The book is based on three years of research and more than 100 interviews. This is a unique insight in a catastrophe that, unfortunately, is having an epidemic effect to other countries in the same continent.

These interviews are, however, only a contribution to a far more complex discussion that Magnus so skillfully brings up on these pages: How is this truly global industry affecting poor peasant families on the run from armed groups financed by drug money?

Military tension between Colombia's right-wing government and socialist Venezuela has become a security threat for the entire hemisphere – how does cocaine and the US' War on drugs play into this unsettling geopolitical game? What, in the end, is the future of cocaine?

This is a book with a rare political edge; one of those that hit you hard and force you to look at that old picture from a new perspective.

Cocaína has been nominated to Sweden's most important literary award, "The August Prize", as Best Swedish Non Fiction Book 2010.

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    Cocaína – en bok om dom som gör det
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