Anna Dahlqvist

Anna Dahlqvist, born in 1975, is the editor-in-chief of the Ottar magazine and a journalist specialised in sexual politics. She has previously written the book In Silence – a reportage about illegal abortion and endangered abortion rights in Europe (2012).

Anna Tommola

Anna Tommola (b. 1975) is a freelance journalist and author. In her work she focuses on health and science, and likes to be entertained by dreams.

Ari Turunen

Ari Turunen is a Finnish Lic.Soc.Sc and has worked as the science editor for various organisations and media for 20 years. His books tell a lot on European and Western culture revealing in a hilarious way why we behave like we do. He has made lots of presentations and lectures on cultural history and world views at Finnish universities and for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Cristofer Andersson

Christofer Andersson became an active investor in 2010 and soon realized that investments are more than just numbers, it is also equal amounts psychology.

Denis Bukin, Kamil’ Guliev & Bayram Annakov

Denis Bukin is an economist, a manager and a psychologist. Kamil’ Guliev by his first education is a mathematical economist. Bayram Annakov is the leader of Empatika — a Russian company which started from consulting and went on to become a successful mobile developer.

Dick Harrison

Dick Harrison is a Professor of history and one of Sweden’s foremost historical writers. In 2000 he received the August Prize for Stora döden. He also writes historical fiction and articles for history magazines.

Dragomir Mrsic

Dragomir "Gago" Mrsic is an actor – among many other things – mostly known for his role as the Serbian hitman Mrado in the Stockholm Noir-series made into film 'Easy Money' (Snabba Cash).

Eskil Engdal & Kjetil Sæter

Born in Norway, Eskil Engdal has worked as a feature journalist at the Norwegian broadsheet Dagens Næringsliv for more than 20 years. Born in Norway, Kjetil Sæter has worked as a journalist for the broadsheets Aftenposten, Finansavisen and Dagens Næringsliv, and still works as a feature journalist for the latter.

Henrik Brandão Jönsson

Henrik Brandão Jönsson is a Swedish journalist and writer, born in Malmö, 1969. In 2002 he moved to Rio de Janeiro and became correspondent of Brazil and Latin America.

Henrik Ennart

Henrik Ennart has established himself over the last 25 years as one of the leading journalists within the food and health themes. In the latest years he has written several acclaimed reports on the food industry

Jakob Lusensky

Jakob Lusensky left an international DJ career to become president of global brand agency Heartbeats International.

Jens Høy & Christian Frost

Jens Høy is a fashion journalist and ROLEX connoisseur. Christian Frost is a journalist and an author, known for the crime novels God is just Dog written Backwards and The Arab Who Was White As Snow.

Jussi Konttinen

Jussi Konttinen (b. 1973) is a journalist with Helsingin Sanomat. He has deep experience in post-Soviet countries, speaks fluent Russian, and has worked as a correspondent in St. Petersburg, Russia, for six years.

Karin Bojs

Karin Bojs is Sweden’s most acclaimed and respected science journalist and author. For many years she was Dagens Nyheter's (Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper) science editor. A few years ago she decided to devote more time to writing books.

Karoliina Korhonen

Karoliina Korhonen lives in Oulu, Finland, and works as a digital graphics artist.

Kim Kristensen

Kim Kristensen, is currently the Master of Ceremonies of the Danish Queen's Royal Household, responsible for all the official foreign visits made to and from Denmark. He was chosen as The Leader of the Year 2009 in Denmark.

Lars Kvamme

Lars Kvamme is an a journalist for Bergens Tidende, the largest regional newspaper in Norway. He's a trained economist and worked as Assistant Vice President in DNB, Norway’s largest bank, with export credit financing and shipping.

Laura Andersson

Laura Andersson, born 1982, is a Finnish editor who has worked both in traditional publishing and with Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds.

Leonard Jägerskiöld Nilsson

Leonard Jägerskiöld Nilsson, born 1986, is a Swedish sports journalist who works as a producer for Eurosport and Discovery Networks Sweden. Since 2007 he has worked closely to all major football leagues.

Mads Drange

Mads Drange is an historian and an exercise physiologist, educated at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Mads Drange has also a decade of experience from national and international antidoping work, as head of testing, research and development, in the Norwegian national antidoping Organisation.

Magnus Bärtås & Fredrik Ekman

Magnus Bärtås teaches at the University College of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm and has also published an anthology of texts about the borderland between literature and the visual arts. Fredrik Ekman is a writer, librettist and editor based in Stockholm. His musical works have toured around Europe

Magnus Linton

Magnus Linton is a reporter and writer born in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1967. Since 2005 he lives in Bogotá, Colombia, where he's a Latin America correspondent for diverse Swedish media.

Majsan Boström

Majsan Boström is an award-winning journalist, a freelance magazine writer, translator and author.

Mari Manninen

Mari Manninen, born 1971, is a Finnish journalist. She has lived in Beijing for 4 years from where she reported about the fast-changing China for a few of the most important Finnish newspapers and magazines.

Maria Katajavuori

Maria Katajavuori, born in 1993, is a young and very promising ecologist, science popularizer and environmental activist, currently studying ecosystems across the taiga and tundra.

Marie Fredriksson & Helena von Zweigbergk

Marie Fredriksson was one of the biggest pop stars of our time – Roxette's amazing voice. Helena von Zweigbergk is one of Sweden's most talented and respected authors and journalists.

Mats Holm & Ulf Roosvald

Ulf Roosvald, born in 1970, is a Swedish journalist, writer and long-time contributor to the acclaimed football magazine Offside. Mats Holm is a Swedish journalist, lecturer and writer, born in 1960. After academic exams in psychology and journalism Mats worked as a freelance reporter for several years.

Mats-Eric Nilsson

Mats-Eric Nilsson is a journalist that after 30 years working in the daily press, many of which as editor-in-chief for Sweden’s biggest newspaper, redirected his career and got a breakthrough as a writer.

Mika Rissanen & Juha Tahvanainen

Mika Rissanen and Juha Tahvanainen are two Finnish born history researchers. They have previously published Sports in Antiquity – awarded with the biggest non-fiction award in Finland, The Tieto Finlandia and also won the Sports Book of the Year award – and The History of Destruction.

Mikal Hem

Mikal Hem has worked as a journalist and political commentator. His main interests are international politics and foreign relations. He has travelled extensively around the globe and lived as a child in Zimbabwe under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe.

Mikko Paasi & Johanna Elomaa

Mikko Paasi is a Finnish professional dive who helped save the football team from the Tham Luang in Thailand & Johanna Elomaa is a journalist and author who has been working behind and in front of the cameras for a TV-channel for years.

Niels Lunde

Niels Lunde, born 1962, is a Danish writer and columnist on business and economic issues. He is now the Editor-in-chief of the national Danish business daily Børsen.

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen is Finland's best kept literary secret... In the early 70’s, when he was five, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen lived in a block of flats by the Jyväskylä’s (a city in Central Finland) old cemetery and believed in vampires.

Petri Leppänen & Lari Salomaa

Petri Leppänen, born 1975 in Iisalmi, Finland, is a non-fiction author and has written three previous books. Lari Salomaa, born 1977, is a coffee professional. He was born in Finland but spent most of his childhood in Stockholm, Sweden, where the family moved for work and studies.

Roger Pihl

Roger Pihl, born in Norway in 1954, was the founder of an advertising agency, a software company and a marketing research institute until 2010 when he decided to devote the rest of his life to writing.

Stefan Holm

Stefan Holm, born 1976, is a Swedish Olympic gold medallist in high jump. Today, in addition to being a member of the International Olympic Committee, Stefan is also a popular lecturer, a coach (in high jump), and of course, an AFOL – Adult Fan of Lego.

Tapio Tamminen

Dr. Tapio Tamminen is a cultural anthropologist, researcher, editor, and writer. He has written several works about development issues, India, and around a hundred feature programmes for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Torbjörn Vestberg, Predrag Petrovic & Thomas Lerner

Torbjörn Vestberg is a qualified psychologist studying for a PhD on the significance of executive and cognitive function for success in the football field. Predrag Petrovic is an associate professor of cognitive neuroscience and a senior researcher at the Karolinska Institute. Thomas Lerner is a reporter with the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter.

Torill Kornfeldt

Torill Kornfeldt, born 1984, is a Swedish science journalist with a background in biology. She has worked in the science department of Sweden's leading morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter and at the science branch of the Swedish public service radio.

Tuomas Aivelo

Tuomas Aivelo, (1984) is a Finnish evolutionary biologist and ecologist, who has traveled the world, from Madagascar rainforests and the Swiss Alps to dark backalleys in Helsinki, in search of parasites.

Yens Wahlgren

Yens Wahlgren is a xenosociolinguist, communicator and writer. He presently works at Lund University and previously has worked as a journalist. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Klingon, and his "Klingon as linguistic Capital" is still a standard for its speakers and in the study of the alien language.

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