• Torbjörn Vestberg, Predrag Petrovic & Thomas Lerner

    Torbjörn Vestberg is a qualified psychologist studying for a PhD on the significance of executive and cognitive function for success in the football field.

    Predrag Petrovic is an associate professor of cognitive neuroscience and a senior researcher at the Karolinska Institute.

    Thomas Lerner is a reporter with the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter.

  • Brain Game

    What makes a really skilled football player?

    It’s often said to be a combination of physique, technique, mental capacity, social competence, and experience. But is that really it?

    Coaches often speak about ”game sense” or ”game intelligence”, but no one has really been able to explain what that is. Until now.

    In two unique studies, Swedish researchers, Torbjörn Vestberg and Predrag Petrovic, have demonstrated that players at Premier League-level often have an extreme capacity for taking in information, processing it, and then acting accordingly. All within miliseconds.

    These are the executive functions that give most of the players their edge.

    Vestberg and Petrovic’s internationally acknowledged findings have taken us a step closer to really understanding what game intelligence is, and why some players are world class, while others might succeed in the lower divisions only to struggle  in the higher leagues.

    Brain Game gives a unique look into what happens in the brain of talented football players, and a peek into how football recruiting buisiness might change in the future.

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      Hjärnboll - Fotbollsspelares okända intelligens
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