• Thomas Pettersson

    Thomas Pettersson is a freelance journalist known for his meticulous search for the truth. He’s previously written articles for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
  • The Unlikely Murderer

    Olof Palme (1927–1986) was the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, and a two-term Prime Minister of Sweden 1969–1976, and 1982–1986. He was shot to death on a street in Stockholm on the 28th of February 1986. Since then, the case has remained unsolved – despite the largest investigation in Swedish police history.

    In May 2018, in Filter magazine, journalist Thomas Pettersson disclosed the truth about the ”Skandia man” Stig Engström, and provided the Palme murder police detectives with the information that made Engström their main suspect.

    Stig Engström was on site when Olof Palme was murdered and figured in the murder investigation from day one – but was never investigated as a perpetrator. Now, Pettersson has unearthed what everybody else failed to find: Engström’s motive, as well as the fact that he was an experienced shooter with access to the same kind of gun that was used to kill Palme.

    In The Unlikely Murderer, Pettersson presents a number of previously unknown facts related to the Palme murder – like how Stig Engström was eliminated from the investigation on false grounds. Interviews with the leading US expert on political murders, and Mårten Palme, Olof Palme’s son who went to a movie with his parents on the night of the murder, also add important pieces to the puzzle

    The result is a sensational, enthralling, and alarming book about an event that has been tormenting Sweden and the world for more than thirty years – the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme.

    But now the solution is within reach.

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      Den osannolika mördaren - Skandiamannen och mordet på Olof Palme
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      English Sample (soon available), Chapter Summary
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