• Mikko Paasi & Johanna Elomaa

    Mikko Paasi is a Finnish professional diver who was one of the thirteen rescue divers bringing the football team out from the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand.

    Johanna Elomaa is a journalist and author who has been working behind and in front of the cameras for a TV-channel for years. For the past four years she’s been working as a freelance writer and living in Helsinki, Borneo, Bali, India, and Thailand.

  • Diving into the Light

    For the first time, the inside story of the Tham Luang rescue operation as told by one of the participating divers

    July 2018, Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. The junior football team’s 12 members and their young coach had been trapped inside the deep cave for two weeks after the floodwater had blocked their way out. After many failed attempts to reach them, the only option left was the most dangerous one – save the thirteen human beings by diving into the cave. Mikko Paasi played one of the key roles in the operation that the entire world considered doomed to fail.

    What really happened in the cave during the evacuation, how was it like to be located in one of the most dangerous spots? And what kind of drama was going on behind the scenes which hasn’t been reported by the media? 

    This is also the survival story of a man who, 27 years ago, accidentally shot a friend to death in his teenage. It is a story of a life long battle with guilt and regret. We all have our past. We all have our own tragedies. But how to leave them behind? How to live with them for the rest of our lives? Or how to turn them into something good?

    In that sense, the operation was also a dive into himself: how many saved human lives would be enough to indemnify his own tragic past?

    For 17 days, millions of people around the world followed this amazing rescue operation; wealthy people, poor people, children, teenagers and grandmothers, no one was indifferent – this is a story that is not bound by borders, genders, age or place in society.

    This is a thrilling account of a modern-day sunshine story but also one about a hero – one of those kinds that we need more than ever these days.

    Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done, Shouldn’t Interrupt the People Doing It.

    -Mikko Paasi

    Those Who Say It Cant Be Done, Shouldn’t Interrupt the People Doing It.

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