• Maria Katajavuori

    Biosphere and natural sciences gave me my life, and I’m going to give an as large part of it back as possible.

    Maria Katajavuori, born in 1993, is a young and very promising ecologist, science popularizer and environmental activist, currently studying ecosystems across the taiga and tundra. Along her career, she has done biological fieldwork at numerous northern locations, including the Finnish Lapland, high-arctic Svalbard, boreal Canada, and the Scottish Highlands. She has also worked for environmental NGOs, for example as a forest surveyor and a trekking guide.

    Katajavuori has published several scientific papers on the fields of ecology and the environmental sciences.

    Her first popular science book “The Matter Of Death And Life” came out in 2018 to rave reviews.

  • The Matter of Death and Life

    The Theory Of Everything meets Paradise Lost

    What do human bodies, Carboniferous forests, the Canadian lynx, and economical systems have in common?
    A tendency to self-destruct.
    The author, Maria Katajavuori, figured that she had to find the answer to a vital question: what are the ultimate causes behind the self-destructive behavior of individuals, species and societies? Her conclusion is astonishing; the principles that drive the self-destructiveness of these systems are the same - Evolution and the tragedy of the commons.

    However, as a biologist, she knew that many other species in biosphere had, in one way or another, found a solution to their overconsumption problems, and some can even be considered, as low as at the level of the individual, biologically immortal.

    Building on these examples of accomplished avoidance of overconsumption and senescence, an idea was born: can we get inspiration from these success stories and apply them to our own species? How do they succeed?

    By comparing individuals, species and societies and identifying unexpected, fascinating analogies between them, the author shows which parts of these systems we really need to change if we are to stop their destructive behavior.

    Linking cell biology, ecology, natural and cultural sciences through examples originating from recent biological findings, her own work and the life of any ordinary human in an entertaining way, The Matter of Death and Life seeks answers to the mysteries of both, suggesting a completely new way of tackling environmental and evolutional problems.

    “Katajavuori weaves numerous exhilarating and stunning connections between humans, animals and plants… The huge amount of information that The Matter of  Death and Life includes is wrapped up into a compelling popular science book, spiced with black humour.”

    Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen, Helsingin Sanomat

    “Katajavuori mixes history, natural sciences and sociology in an educative and entertaining way. For an amateur scientist who wants to ponder big questions, the book is like a full bag of pick 'n' mix candy.”

    Tommi Aitio, Kauppalehti

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      Kuoleman ja elämän kysymys
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