• Cristofer Andersson

    Christofer Andersson (1986) became an active investor in 2010 and soon realized that investments are more than just numbers, it is also equal amounts psychology. He runs a blog about the effect psychology has on the market and teaches several popular courses on investing. Stock Market Psychology is his first book.
  • Stock Market Psychology – How to become a better investor

    Unlike most other books you’ll find in the financial department, Stock Market Psychology fully focuses on the psychology behind investments and its role for everyone – both small savers and larger investors. While numbers and data are significant, one shall never underestimate the importance of the individual psyche, and each and everyone’s ability to manage it.

    This book addresses all of us who, from time to time, make mistakes and wrong decisions, effecting both our short- and long-term trades. While pinpointing countless situations where we can easily fail, Stock Market Psychology in tandem provides us with knowledge and invaluable tools to control emotions and other phenomena that play a decisive role in investments.

    Chapter by chapter, the diligent – and successful – investor Cristofer Andersson walks us through important psychological parameters such as emotion, mindset, reward system and herd behavior. In a very pedagogical way, he guides us in understanding ourselves, the market and thus, the key to more successful investments.
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