Americanos – Reports on Latin America's New Rebels

by Magnus Linton

Nominated to Sweden's most prestigious award "The August [Strindberg] Award", Magnus Linton's book Americanos – Reports on Latin America's New Rebels describes the emerging social movements and political conflicts popularly called "the New Latin American Left Wave".

Blazing the trail for Swedish press, Sweden's largest paper, Aftonbladet, called Americanos "a pioneering master piece" and the best Swedish work in the genre since the 1960s.

Americanos is a unique piece of documentary journalism, invaluable to anyone trying to understand the Latin America rising from the ashes of the era of failed market liberalism. Magnus Linton takes off in Buenos Aires, moving with the people of the continent, and in six chapters he covers radical coca farmers in Bolivia, land occupants in Brazil, Colombian guerilla feminists and "the Bolivarian revolution" in Venezuela, finally arriving at a new important metropolis of Latin America: Los Angeles.

Americanos is an account of a political journey where we meet rebels completely different from those we know from the 1960s and 1970s. It is a journey in many dimensions; from man to woman, from white to Indian, from political parties to unions and, not least, from south to north.

Most Latin American countries are now headed by social reformists and the interplay between the social movements and the new, strong parties on the left will be increasingly important for this continent which is quickly turning into the new political hotspot, presently balancing between populism and realism.

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    Americanos – ett reportage om Latinamerikas nya rebeller
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    Investigative Journalism
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    Contents & Chapter summary, Reviews
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